Things for My Wall

Original Abstract Oil Painting – 9×9 painting (9 x 9 cm – app. 4 x 4 inch) with 8 x 10 inch mat – Hiroshi Matsumoto
“Don’t let the imaginary person in your head keep you from loving the real one right in front of you.”
The Story of Christian the Lion – Ohhhh My Goodness!!!!!! This is the sweetest thing ever
One Thousand Daily Book Graphics – 50 Watts
Inspired by PSA posters from World War II, this poster will remind you to save time in Adobe Illustrator with keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys – a
floor stencils on crappy wood floors | Remodelista
From “Heart Throbs, The Best of DC Romance”
Do what you feel in your heart to be right… for you'll be criticized anyway.
I won't deal with your bullshit forever
ENTJ. I highly recommend for anyone who can to take the Meyer-Briggs personality test. It's such a great reference for career choices and decision making. Not just a random thing like a horoscope
What's for breakfast? by A.A. Milne via morethansayings #Pooh #A_A_Milne #Breakfast
Harvest Waterfall Nail Art Tutorial
organic wood toy helicopter  – natural wooden toy car eco friendly babies kids toddlers, modern waldorf inspired play. $22.00, via Etsy.
At first I thought this was a doorway. Wouldn't it be cool to have an dimly lit room with a floor that's got six inches of water on it? Then you could have fake trees like those in this picture placed randomly in the water, and on one side of the
Phil Kirkland illustration, Psychology Today (1970)
I tell others that they're perfect and beautiful, because i hate myself and don't want them to feel the same way
Sesame Street: Kermit and Joey Say the Alphabet! Just the cutest thing in the world! P.S. wait till the end:)
Practical Technical Theater Demo: Set Design
I told you, I'll know a lot of people there. I'll meet you at the bar. I know several of the bartenders :)
ID Bracelet incase i fall out running :-)   2012 Gear of the Year | Runner's World & Running Times