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Inspirational Quote-Sheila Walsh Quote-Christian Inspiration-Ready to Frame
Information technology personnel are the rock stars of the internet. They’re driving innovation in many industries, bringing new technologies and systems to our professional and personal lives. Want to get in on this? Here’s a peek at some of the most
Infinity. glass could be put above it, and it would be a cool design for a table
I’ve been wanted a wooden tray…this is the perfect idea for one!
Robin Rhode, South Africa.
I've never actually seen the Milky Way and this many stars in the night sky. One of the things I wanna see either on a mountain or out in a field. | See more about orange flowers, milky way and night skies.
In that spot toooooo many times during the day. Funny though, if you leave it today, it's still waiting for you tomorrow.  It doesn't go get done by someone else. Crap! Must do it myself! All by myself! And hope you don't remember something mo
Spirited Away, this is one of my favorite movies of all time.
& I don't cry everytime on the phone when I don't lmao need I say more?
St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein) was a brilliant philosopher. She stopped believing in God at 14. Through study of philosophy she grew into a woman of integrity and intelligence, following the truth wherever it led her. She came across the
Ruby's Herringbone bangle – always detailed & well done.  #Seed #Bead #Tutorials
"Wonder Woman [as a samurai]" by "KM-Chai"
I just got engaged and immediately doubted my decision. Here’s why I still said “yes”… | Mo Isom
Take advantage of value sizes when dining out, and you may be getting more calories than you bargained for. via @SparkPeople
Stark contrast lovliness in a practical application. Love!
Sometimes I "enjoy" a "good complain" but complaining offers no real benefits. In fact, it can be toxic. Click image and when it enlarges, click again to read this 1-minute devotion.
The Candy Series by eskju , via Behance
children's books for spring
"Cool Berlin" by Steve Frene … Berlin MD – America's Coolest Small Town – YouTube
“To conquer frustration, one must remain intensely focused on the outcome, not the obstacles.” – T.F. Hodge#quote #productivity