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Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else. ~ Margaret Mead ~ (
It's hard to believe, but these chocolate chip cookies are Paleo and vegan! It's tough for these two dietary needs to meet in the middle for a decadent dessert, but these rich-tasting cookies make it happen.  Photo: Lizzie Fuhr
camping themed party. Guys we can do this in our living room! I mean, the fort will be there and everything ;)
Champ – Yes, I can make mashed potatoes without a recipe, but these look so yummy with the well of butter that I couldn't resist! Yum!
Miss Robbie's Mothers Day Special Daffodil Cake. If it's from Miss Robbie, I have to try it!!!!
Creamy Chopped Cauliflower Salad ( will use ff sour cream and Ff cream cheese mix to replace the mayo for simply filling)
Flute Problems- this is what we mean when we say that we can't hear ourselves over the rest of the band
this is a must – love the pony walls and center shower entrances…with two waterfall showerheads – plus perfect #subwaytile
Salami & Cream Cheese Sandwich – best sandwhich ever. Periods. Add horesradish mustard and your mind will be blown!!
Thai basics without these ingredients you will not achieve the full array of d'lish. T
Looking for a pop in your new years outfit
Floral print pumps are perfect this season | Manolo Blahnik
Cream of Any-Vegetable Soup – (via @Kristján Örn Kjartansson Love that this doesn't use any heavy cream!
4th of July Food Idea's
baby's breath, tootoo on chair We Heart Parties: Party Information – Ribka's Baby Shower
Easy Monkey Bread – 2 16 oz. refrigerated flakey biscuits – brown sugar – cinnamon – butter – chopped nuts – so good
Cranberry jello salad this was light and refreshing, even though mine didn't have a chance to get totally set before the meal was served…we ate it with desserts!
Bridal Coffee Shower!! WIth coffee scented burlap bags!  CoffeeShowerInvitation-11CLEANB by MrsLimestone, via Flickr
These Crab Hushpuppies have become a staple w/our "Fresh Catch of the Day" when we're down in Rockport ;-D