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Scene One: James Dean and Audrey Hepburn – Sleeping With Sirens
i want to write this on my walls.
love this one…..have it in a frame in my daughters room!!!
39 Best Things Ever Said About Love
Milano Jewelers – TechnoMarine Women's Cruise Dream Watch
Living Room Detail    By the fireplace, two monochromatic armchairs are enclosed by a rich patterned rug and ikat pillows, which give the room a bohemian quality.  MarthaStewart.com
I am a Child of God Gray/Grey and Yellow Subway Art. You can purchase a printable file or poster print of this original design in my Etsy shop. THIS IS NOT A FREE PRINTABLE. Thank you.
Betty Friedan  1921 – 2006  
FEMINIST AUTHOR    Her 1963 best seller, The Feminine Mystique — parts of which first appeared in GH — chronicled the unspoken unhappiness of women forced into restrictive roles, and helped change ideas about what women
about work and things and money and other people's opinions about you. . . but this does not apply to people.  The less you care about people, the less of anything you will feel.
My home is filled with toys, has fingerprints on everything…. saying
intuition- Most of the time it's always is right and has not let me down yet. The Gift of Discernment is Powerful!!!
Childhood ruined (14)
sucess is being a first rate version of myself, not a second rate version of someone else.
Emma Watson's #hair at the UK Noah premiere provided some serious #wedding inspiration!
This is so important to bear in mind – think process not product when it's appropriate; settle down and find a calm place to write and forget what others are doing.
Or it could be because we don't want to talk to you and we need to recharge from our last interaction with you.
I think that every person you meet you fall in love with. Just a little bit. — awwww I like the idea of this!!
Yes a re-pin, but..it is soooo damn true in all it says!! I do these things EVERY day and will until you are with me forever my love!! And then, I will be telling you how I love you..many many times EVERY day & night..forever sweetheart!!!
Everybody had a charm bracelet. I still have mine. Loved collecting state charms!!  Maine, Florida,Virginia
This is a game changer!!! Gen 1 -11 described in a crazy creative way!