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Sculpt and Strengthen Your Lower Body With These Lateral Moves If lateral exercises aren't in your regular strength-training rotation, they should be. Side motions help strengthen oft-neglected muscles like the glute meds (those butt muscles on the si
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Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at
Believe it or not, great nutrition is the key to a killer body. Food is fuel – it's what keeps our bodies functioning! When you fuel your body with high quality foods you become stronger, more effi…
Red nail polish and glitter
The Move You Love to Hate — Reversed Reverse Burpees
Taking a long run is great for clearing your mind, but sometimes you just don't have an hour to spare. For cranking out three miles in 30 minutes, all the songs on this playlist are 150 BPM — the perfect tempo for you to hit a 10-minute mile.
salt and vinegar almonds.  So, so, so good and so easy.
Just finished doing this challenge this week and already seeing results in 5 days!
All the colours of the rainbow in one striped blanket :-)
These gowns are the most beautiful things I've ever seen — Atelier Versace Spring 2011
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