Shades of white warmed up with the wood floors and accents.  FARMHOUSE 5540: Dining Room Pictures
Fun-in-the-Sun Workout  Remember spending every summer day outside when you were a kid, playing with all kinds of fun toys? We’ve found an ingenious way to use your favorite beach playthings to create the ultimate body-slimming workout.
DONG QUAI (Angelica sinensis)  BEST FOR: General female wellness. Also known as angelica root or dang quai, this Chinese herb is often called the 'female ginseng' because of its usefulness in treating irregular periods, fatigue, and premenstrual i
No excuses!  There may be healthy reasons to not workout but there is no such thing as a healthy excuse.  Bring it!  You deserve it!
Prevention's Are You Fit? Five Moves That Help Fight Aging
The 16-minute Beach Body Workout. The Move: The Prisoner Get-Up to Burn Fat. #SelfMagazine
30 Day I Real Time Challenge #9 + Arms & Shoulders Shread
Berenice Abbott standing for a portrait, behind a view-camera, ca early 1900’s
REFIT Dance Fitness "Chak Glassi" Bollywod Fusion love this video so fun to do to warm up!
Garden-Fresh Stir-Fry with Seitan – Seitan's toothsome texture and taste make it a perfect vegetarian stir-fry ingredient that even nonvegetarians will love. Make it a meal: Serve over rice noodles to soak up the rich sauce.
Black Milk Clothing Matte Zip Suit, $70.00 AUD
Try making chicken chili in a pressure cooker for a quick weekend meal – it's fast and flavorful.
Reflexology, by rubbing your feet you can increase blood flow and health to your whole body. add a few drops of Peppermint to the foot message to help with anxiety, pain, or sore feet. lavender to help you sleep.
Adopted I'M SHARING NO REPINS PLZ !!  This is song . Age 12 . She has an aditude. She doesn't like to be told what to do
Recycled Ranch Relics: Yard Art for my Birds « The (Almost) Daily Bird
Awesome skeletal drawing.  Could use this approach with O'Keeffe skulls, and then add one of her desert backgrounds.
Styling, books and flowers on coffe table
This darling who loves girl's night. | 31 Things To Warm Your Heart On This Cold Day Girl I got my nails did!
Some simple, solid workouts

Can't get this to link to the actual page and not a video…but here is the link:
It's important to mix things up but it's also fun! The Best Cross-Training for Runners | ACTIVE