Seriously though why do all the people at my school hate one direction so much I just don't understand
matt bomer- my current celebrity crush.  And yes, he could totally play Christian Grey if they do make a movie out of those books!!!
Your Dream Life in 7 Pictures… minus the car
Crochet Violet Flower. a perfect sm. flower for Kaitlyn's pink poncho.  Adding Hello Kitty buttons to the mid. of the flower.
#77 Jeff Carter – Los Angeles Kings
Tom Hiddleston. @Diana Baltazar Click whenever you need!
Lovely lashes + ladylike hair.
Dustin Milligan from "Shark Night 3D"…bad movie, but he's hot!
Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates
May 29, 1983: Princess Diana at a polo match at Smith's Lawn, Windsor.
Warhol. Don't like anything about this man, but it's a cool picture.
George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon. Like it ain't no thang.
"You guys deserve every single thing that you have accomplished in the past few years. I am going to leave the awards show now because they are obviously trying to put you in the wrong light and it's disgusting" – Lady Gaga. YOU ARE NOW MY FAV
jessie james decker – Google Search
Leave it to us to make sentences out of album titles ( I Stayed Up All Night So Take Me Home and We Can Make Midnight Memories! Mwahaha Sorry I had To! ~Sierra)
Amanda Seyfried- such a sweet gal and boy can she carry a note! Would love to be her friend
Amy Adams & Aviana: Pretty Pair
Black Love: Monica and Shannon Brown: Inseperable Pair
Native American Art by John Rudolph Photography, via Flickr
Scanning past dresses and ties to the head table. I'm stopped by a, "I can't help but notice how stunning you are". He's always old, too old for me. White teeth forming a dashing smile under that always quick-winking eye. I'll take