Impossible not to look twice…or three times..or four..or 10 or 35….. :) Johnathan Rhys Meyers
Chuck, Zachary Levi | (Votes received: 1,542; 8%) ''My vote is with Chuck Bartowski. Funny, dorky, hot, and in that super adorable way with the swoon-worthy smile. He's got…
Siwan – Whole Hauss
Men's Fitness Outtakes
Ariana Grande Crewneck Sweater – Ariana Grande Clothes – StyleBistro
One of my favorites of hers…so simple & elegent.
natalie portman, pink
Nick Jonas. Holy crap!! I've had a crush on him for a LONG time but now he looks EVEN MORE fantastic! Excuse me while I stare in awe.
Mark Harmon, such great eyes – definitely ages like fine wine!
Scarlett Johansson  My fav sexyness! My fav look is her all natural, no makeup, messy short blonde hair, her natural looks not photo shoot ready pics. but shes still absolutely gorgeous
Michael J. Fox: am i the only one who thinks he was totally ah-dorable?!?
Stanley Tucci. One of the best and underutilized actors of our time.
Beginners Level 1 Vinyasa Yoga Class Weight Loss Twists Hatha Flow Hamstrings – YouTube 23.31
Josephine Baker in the dressing room of the Johann Strauss Theatre in Vienna. 1928.
Prince Philip of Greece, later to become the Duke of Edinburgh
The sidekick has amazing one-liners, but let's face it, this is the real reason I watch Grimm!
The Cast of "I Love Lucy" – Colorized    Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Vivian Vance, and William Frawley
Marilyn and Marlene, photo by Milton Greene, 1955
Steve McQueen, his wife Neile Adams, and their daughter Terry…