Lots and lots of shopping bags
Disney 365 "New Fantasyland"  Disney Channel stars Ski Jackson and Cameron Boyce from Jessie share their experiences in this special Disney Channel 365.
Taylor Lautner- When I feel like a dirty old woman!! They didn't look like this when I was his age!!! LOL
Logan Lerman and Alexandra Daddario (3)
WHY  WAS HIDDLESTON EVER CROPPED OUT OF THIS PICTURE?   Loki, Khan, and Magneto dance the night away at the villain's ball.
Burt Lancaster Burton Stephen Lancaster) Born Nov. 2, 1913 Died Oct. 20, 1994 of a heart attack at age 80.
As I mentally cast for the role of Christian Grey, my vote is Jon Hamm, but I know he's too old. I can still dream!
Theatre Of Blood – Vincent Price As Edward Kendal Sheridan Lionheart
Loretta Young — she was spotted, playing in her front yard, signed, with her mothers permission, groomed for stardom … God knows WHAT these young stars went through both good and strange
Beauty: Marilyn Monroe's Makeup Artist
Michelle Pfeiffer – underrated and oh-so lovely. One of the few contemporary actresses to rival the beauty of Garbo, Dietrich…
Look at her!! Known as one of the most beautiful women ever and she has a curvy body! Oh, that I could have met her.
“We cried a lot the first few years,” Rock’s mother Rose says. “Every time Chris would do something he would come off stage and say: ‘I wonder did daddy see that?’ Even at the Academy Awards, it was like ‘Do you think he saw?”   – See more
“Go check out ma new vine !” YOU'RE KILLING ME
Jason Bateman: favorite actor EVER! =)
husband material
Gary Cooper. With his father, Judge Charles H. Cooper, in 1929. Notice that sweater, that headdress.
How to Make Stones Stand Upright and Expand Your Rock Painting Possibilities – Photo Version http://paintingrocks.blogspot.com/2013/05/how-to-make-stones-stand-upright-and_8.html
factorygirl-photography:  (via theshinyboogie)  Marilyn Monroe with a sprained ankle in Banff, 1953  Photo by John Vachon, February 1989 American Heritage
Richard Rawlings of Gas Monkey Garage on "Fast 'n' Loud"