Rottie Cute just a basket full of cuteness.     Rottweiler pup, by *trishvandenberg
"Every year in the U.S., an estimated 6 to 8 million lost, abandoned, or unwanted dogs and cats enter animal shelters.Some of these dogs and cats are lucky enough to be adopted into loving, responsible, and permanent homes. But there are far more anim
32 Of The Best Outdoor Games & Activities -
Happily Ever Chevron Dress: Pink/Blue | Hope's
:)  These two must know they are babies.
T-Shirt Quilt with multi-sized blocks… Need to do this with all my old KU tshirts
Lake Bennett, Canada
Erika Giovanna Klien(Italy/Austria/America, 1900-1957)    Libellen  1936    Works on Paper (Drawings, Watercolors etc.)
This puppy whose athletic skills shone far and bright. | The 47 Absolute Greatest Dog GIFs Of 2013
Vintage Hair…the inspiration for my wedding hair style was the top photo!
ergonomic crocheting–wrist stretch for knitters ~☆~ Teresa Restegui   ~☆~
✤ Determination – quote- motivational – inspiring – daily quote – inspirational quotes – motivate – life lessons – truth – life – dream – do – believe – change – perspective – judgment -
gecko  Had to learn to like them while stationed on Guam. These little guys were everywhere and an island saying was they were good luck if found inside your house.
"Piber meets Vienna" is a special annual event, when the young foals visit The Spanish Riding School in Vienna
The Adventures Of Humphrey J Hedgehog | Bored Panda THIS IS LITERALLY THE CUTEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN.
●melancholic owl
Prada Multi Lace Bootie | Nordstrom  Ah! I actually have these in black suede- they're the best!
I'm so getting and training a dog so when Mikes gone or not there my Dog with be Mike Jr!