Oh My Goodness  fluffy butts!
holy cow! this is one of the most beautiful horse photos I have ever seen!!  Arabian Horse
The Gang gang cockatoo (Callocephalon fimbriatum) is similar to the black cockatoos in basic morphology, though the colors of the plumage as well as the size are different.    In the gang gang cockatoo the specimens of both sexes have lengths which do not
Worldwide Woofs! How to sound like a dog in 14 languages. (this is so cool! my Omani friends once played a game with us westerners to guess what sounds animals made in Arabic. We failed miserably but had a lot of fun!!)
James Carter's poetry book, Journey to the Centre of My Brain. Illustrations by Chris Garbutt.
Cats: friend, doctor and psychologist
Check out this awesome 'All+you+need+is+love' design on TeePublic!
a ray of hope arrived for this threatened species: a healthy Okapi calf was born on September 15 at the ZOO Antwerpen.
Bow ties ARE cool. Im srry some of u supposedly nerdy folks out there wearing fake glasses and suspenders say u get this but really dont.
Amanda Seyfried ♥
Must be an Aussie – mine is so sweet with little animals and carries his small stuffed toys around like they are babies : )
╰☆EVERY Day's A Holiday☆╮    ****Santa Kitty****
levitating French Bulldog
20 Classic Tissue Paper Poms: centerpieces – wedding – garden party – baby shower – bachelorette party – bridal shower – choose your colors. $66.00, via Etsy.
Lions…  aren't they amazing animals.
Wool Hoop Wall Art
black cat – beautiful shot!!
Sally Lee by the Sea | Re-Using an Old Ladder! |
"These two had better grow up to be a goofy pair of superheroes."
I love these babies… My heart comes alive for animals