My daughter needs these for her pups!  The Pet's Observation Porthole – Hammacher Schlemmer
This Kitten Finally Gets a Day Job
Just another lazy afternoon…. (I find my Boo sitting around the house just like this)
Love the puppy ears…and the German Shepherd head-tilt. :) They all do it!
Doxie's short legs move gracefully during first recital! #dogs #pets #Dachshunds
Repin if your dog loves the snow! #dogs #snow
Nigerian dwarf goats so I can have fresh goats milk and make goat cheese.
Milo by Jennifer + David, via Flickr … Free Report: 90 Dog Training Tips
FESTIVE COQUETTE – Lophornis chalybeus . . . W Amazon Basin in NW Brazil, Colombia, Venesuela, Ecuador, Peru . . . Photo: Pete Morris
Death stare by Steve Mackay via 500px. "Another shot of my new Gelada Baboon friend, from Howletts Zoo, in Kent, UK. If looks could kill………I wouldn't be here today, that's for sure!"
Seeing a quetzal in the wild will change your life.
Oh-so-pretty nails! Great for hiding nail growth under acrylics or gels between mani's!
Declan-John Geraghty by Markus Lambert | Homotography
#cute #pets – dachshund – I Make Money Posting Ads On Pinterest –
animxls:  Panda…熊貓 (by Rosanna Leung)
Dog who is also a face mask. | 35 Dogs That Will Make Your Day Instantly Better
The nuzzling! The affectionate nuzzling! They don’t even have to speak to express how much they love each other.
Penguins' march by Howard via 500px
I want this…..i do talk to my horse though! Everytime my horse (whom I've only had for a little over a week) hears my voice, he neighs really loud and runs and tries to find me, the moment he finds me, if he can, he runs up to me and puts his head o
GUINEAFOWL PUFFER (Tetraodontidae)