::Shiba puppy playing with a pool of water:: Oh, if all puppies AND dogs could have happy and playful lives!
I’m not really a cat person, but I have to say, this is pretty frickin’ cute.
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Tundra Wolf in a Stream, Montana
Morgan horse – this is exactly what I see when I picture a Morgan.  Substance without being overdone, a nice slightly sloping croup, front well set under the shoulders, strong neck not overly arched and a classic small Morgan head.  I have NO clue what th
Christmas Kitty. Second Hope Circle helps special needs pets in Ontario find homes through promotion, education and funding!
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"Simple & Cute" by makaiod on Polyvore
Rose of Sharon insists on helping pick cotton when she is 9 months pregnant and as a result gets sick and goes into early labor.     — Mac
Years ago we had a 14 week old kitten that had fleas. I went to the petshop for a flea treatment. I was sold some age appropriate flea drops (the ones you apply behind the head that last a month or so), but after applying the dropsĀ our poor little kitten
australian shepherd :)
That barn owl is giving the dirtiest look right now.
Natural Dog Shampoo – Flea Removal. Photo by Debbwl…. I am going to try this sometime today! Bear and the new pups got fleas. I will post if it works
My daughter needs these for her pups!  The Pet's Observation Porthole – Hammacher Schlemmer
This Kitten Finally Gets a Day Job
Just another lazy afternoon…. (I find my Boo sitting around the house just like this)
Love the puppy ears…and the German Shepherd head-tilt. :) They all do it!
Doxie's short legs move gracefully during first recital! #dogs #pets #Dachshunds
Repin if your dog loves the snow! #dogs #snow
Nigerian dwarf goats so I can have fresh goats milk and make goat cheese.