Image by Autopsea
This Photographer Taught 1,500 Puppies How To Swim. These Are The Impossibly Adorable Results. Underwater puppy photography.
What, are you kidding me Baby Hedgehog!?!! | 20 Animal Babies That Are Cuter Than People Babies
Life is Better with a Doberman Pinscher Art by DogsIncorporated, $29.00
One of the kinds of fish in Deja and Aubrey's fish tank
{mama cat with her kittens and ducklings} sweetest thing, ever.
I just (finally) read the Life of Pi, so I've got tigers on the brain.  Beautiful.
REVIVAL Upcycled Boho Bolero Shrug – I'd skip the ruffles or use cut away fabric for a much smaller ruffle
Horse or Mule Camo Saddle & Tack Set *Tack can be purchased separately* – 52 Mossy Oak Breakup Set
Making Castile Soap. 50g olive oil, 6.3g Lye, 15oz liquid (whey, milk, water) Better frozen so the lye doesn't burn
12 Friendliest Cat Breeds… includes info like who acts like a dog and also who's good with kids
Say CHEEEEESSSE! ~~~ Doggie: "Otay!" ~~~ Kitty: "I think about it …"
Snood for Whippets / Pashmina / Cream. €22.00, via Etsy.
This shot of a snail sipping water from an acorn, entitled “Hot Day”, was captured by photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko.
Baby Emus – Kruemel and Cockie    Emu chicks Kruemel (L) and Cockie pose for a picture on May 18, 2010 at the Tierpark zoo in Solingen, western Germany. Kruemel hatched out of the egg on April 30, Cockie on May 1, 2010. The flightless birds are native t
The Best Family Pic Of 2012 | Cutest Paw
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jenny packham 2014 color wedding dress belle magnolia ruched bodice sleeve gown
~ JDL Magazine | 7th edn. 2013  I have always loved doors.  Even standing alone, who says they don't go anywhere?!  Look behind the door for the next surprise!