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Powder Blue Bathroom Makeover | photo Janis Nicolay | design Heather Cameron | @Allison j.d.m House! & Home We had a tub like this when I was a teen. It was painted black and I loved it! Alas, we moved away
GIGI by La Femme – Ivory Gown
What do The Force and Mean Girls have to do with adding positive and negative numbers? Click play to see…. Done watching the video? Take the Quiz to test y…
For an extreme example of how this works, check out this video showing a super deep zoom into the Mandelbrot Set. #patterns and textures in nature
creepy kid is creepy
Who is this guy with the awesome bear hat? I would really like to meet him. Oh, and this picture is funny and rad and stuff too
Alice Baber:  "Wheel of Day"
Ferdinando Scianna, Sicily, Carmen Sammartin.
How A Suit Should Fit |  Buy A Proper Fitted Suit | What Good Fitting Suits Look Like Video Tutorial  grays, lavenders, washed out background… bark container.  perfection.
Marilyn Monroe, photographed by Milton Greene, 1954.
A 14.82-carat fancy vivid orange diamond set two world records as it sold for more than $35.5 million at Christie’s Geneva Magnificent Jewels sale held Tuesday.  Simply called “The Orange,” the gem set a world record for a fancy vivid orange diamond
Vintage Airplane Baby Shower Favors | aviator shower favor/decor
You Are My All In All – Nichole Nordeman (with lyrics)
Pingüinos…(canción para conteo hasta 10)
Customized dog or cat felt keyring ornament or by Lilolimon, $210.00
SHE UPDATED? – Babyart – photos of model Zhang Xue
Jacquard Weave Pullover Sweater. So comfy and would look great with jeans or legings..
Irish Crochet motifs (that's the one I am looking for a pattern for….the long"leafy" one at the top left of this photo!)