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This would be darling for a little girl! I love this. I used to want to start a clothing store with old style clothes like this, when I was a teen.
I enjoy being me no matter where I may be~!         Be you!
Sincerely Jules: Classic 2.55  #fashion
Sponge painted spring chicks. These remind me of one of our fav kid books, Ducky Dives In.
Shay Mitchell's outfit is what your closet dreams about.
15 Rainbow Inspired Ideas – Flowers
Teacher Idea Factory: PRONOUN PATCH – BULLETIN BOARD IDEA.  Also:  link for free flower template that could be used for this:
Jae Joong – Nylon Magazine March Issue ‘14
GUYS IM BACK TT_TT I'm so sorry I was MIA for so long, but my hiatus has now ended! Thanks for not unfollowing me guys, and welcome to all you new followers! Thank you!
This is a good plan. ~ I love God & my God is a God of love not hate! He loves the sinner but hates the sin. We as Christians should do the same… by standing for what is right but having the decency to do our level best to love those who do not
PORTFOLIO – HSBC – Robarts Interiors and Architecture
Wave Dry – Indoor Solar Laundry Dryer. The Wave Dry is an innovative concept that looks at drying clothes faster and in a cost-effective way. It basically is this solar device that can be charged via the windows of the house. The soaked up solar goodnes
Scripture Chalkboard Art Print – I Am My Beloved's & My Beloved is Mine – Song of Solomon 6:3 – Bible Verse Print – (8×10) on Etsy, $15.00
"I'm always there for people, even when no one is there for me."  #AndThatsWhoIAm
Little Girl, Big World: 'Merica Party
Soft Mauve Grayish Lavender Purple Miss Havisham by RiverOfRomansk – so pretty
Crosley Brennan Wood Entryway Storage Bench
…….trans & crossdress beauty: Фото……..!!!!!!!!!!
Love love love this so much; PPL & mine
#Nissan #Juke with red bling