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Broccoli salad is one of the few salads I’d occasionally pick up at the deli, but it’s amazing how much better it tastes when you make it at home with really fresh ingredients.  I served some of this up for my extended family at Easter, and my brother sai
How to Make a Beaded Tassel
To introduce remembrance photography to parents suffering the loss of a baby with a free gift of professional portraiture.
I've done  bacon infused vodka so why not.. Step-by-Step for Bacon Whiskey from the Loveless Cafe
democratictravelers: Lake Louise, Banff, Alberta, Canada.
The Emerald Toucanet is native to mountainous regions from Mexico, through Central America, to northern Venezuela and along the Andes as far south as central Bolivia.
Pinning this for my friend Chris, I hope she sees it.  I've got some Scottish ancestry but it's mostly Irish.
Love the window treatment. Love this room! Cute blue and white banded curtains and very relaxed feel in blue and white nautical type room
Hands On Bible Teacher: Fruit of the Spirit—–Goodness
Mooie kleuren en verfijnd design mooie combinatie voor de lichte zomer (Z1). Overhemd is te wit voor dit kleurtype.
ONLY CAUSE THEY CLAIM ITS SWEETIE PIES…WE'LL SEE IF ITS BETTER THAN MINE…-TY (Sweetie Pie's Mac & Cheese (from Diners Drive Ins & Dives)
Do a set in exchange of something else. IE for every 15 minutes I spent on Pinterest, I will do 1 set….
City at Night: Preschool and kindergarten activity.  FA.1.3 Reflect on differences and preferences as he/ she encounters artwork.  FA.1.4 Compare and contrast own creations and those of others .
“They say that theater is the actor's medium, television is the writer's medium and film is the director's medium, and it's really true.” ~ Charlie Hunnam
I want these.  I can open my open boot     store I have so many. Lol
Keep your personal electronic devices from becoming breeding grounds for germs and bacteria!
Stylish house close to river thames a Londra
Flowers & Butterflies Choco Pink Cake
Great idea to make your own sponge daubers. PVC pipe and makeup sponges.
Bayside Chandelier featured in a Shaddock Home