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~ Take me to Paradise.. Corfu Island, Greece ~ Tips voor een vakantie op Corfu http://www.naturescanner.nl/europa/griekenland/corfu
Keep a jar for each year, write down happy memories throughout the year and read on New Year's Eve.
Dulcie Ankle Bootie- NEED!
Oxtail Stew..Have you ever had oxtails? Most people I know haven’t even heard of them, which is really quite a shame. Think braised beef short ribs, but with even more flavor, and you’ll get a sense of why those of us who eat oxtail get dreamy eyed wh
vintage clock scale from Farmhouse Wares
Hoi! Ik heb een geweldige listing gevonden op Etsy http://www.etsy.com/nl/listing/175850777/poster-i-love-you-more-than-all-the
reason #1 to buy halloween scrapbook paper even though i don't scrapbook….
Typical scene in rural Iceland near Akureyri.
{Grow Lust Worthy Hair FASTER Naturally} ========================== Go To: www.HairTriggerr.com ==========================        Can't Keep Yo Hands Out of a Beautiful Fro…..It's Called Hand in Hair Syndrome!!! ….And I've Got It Bad When
here's a new twist on book paper pumpkins – it's still an easy #Halloween #craft but the rolled paper sections give it a sophisticated feel. from itsalwaysautumn.com
1st Grade ELA & Math Common Core  COLOR CODED STANDARDS!!!! I knew this HAD to exist already!!!!! Printing one for each of us :) yay!!
Ceramic Musical Clock – my heart just skipped a beat
WWII 4x American Army Ranger's w/ M1 Garand, M1A1V2, M1911, Bazooka  M1 Helmets
sakaguchi kentaro
Clean & pulled together classroom decor //Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits: Classroom Details! {the nitty gritty}
Shutterfly has new books that are customizable to feature your child! My toddler would LOVE this!
How Bourgeois: Hair Glaze for Your Grays! And a Little Holiday Organizational Tip Too. #gray hair
Reserved for Anna N. – Fabric Doll Rag Doll Girl with Satchel
The 80's –  Remember when Bo and Luke Duke made you think settling down with a local redneck was a good idea?
Tips for Organizing a Hot Drink Station