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Anchors Aweigh quilt that I quilted for Kristin's book; Cute Quilts for Kids.
flowersgardenlove:  ✯ Flores Flowers Flowers Garden Love
+ an open flannel shirt = perfection
#t-shirt #cloud #rain in pink, purple, green, orange, blue, yellow
ATS INGENIERÍA GEOMÁTICA by Mauricio Andrés Beltrán Rojas, via Behance
Great ideas for a Baby doll party.  My little girl will probably have these adorable invites.
reign-season-2-cast-photos (5)
unique bearded  drift wood Santa beach house by mypaintinplace, $89.95
Salt And Pepper Bots – Well, it was inevitable. Passing the salt by hand just isn’t efficient enough in a world of bullet trains, pizza delivery, and broadband. Luckily enough, our condiments have now been brought to life. Salt & Pepper Bots wil
101 Amazing DIY Wedding Projects You Should Know About – Something to really make myself crazy and obsessive
This invitation set is the perfect palette for fall with warm burgundy, orange and brown.
Malo Cider Packaging by Adrienn Nagy, via Behance
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies with Brown Sugar Icing | The Girl Who Ate Everything
This would be great for a grandma.  Grandkids-slash-sewing-slash-crafts for that extra bedroom
30 Seconds To Mars,  The Kill lyrics. (Bury Me)
Latitude Geo Blocks Reversible Bed in a Bag Bedding Set- This is at Walmart for half the price of the set at Amazon.  Darla I am going to need your creative genius!
Collector's Barbies for Halloween
such a beautiful picture…I think this would make such a beautiful picture for the groom
Zen tangle ideas for those kids who "can't think of anymore patterns"
Hot dog casserole for those nights when you want comfort food, and forget the healthy eating for a moment. ;)