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Silver Surfer. Norrin Radd is the Silver Surfer, an alien from the planet Zenn-La with the power to manipulate cosmic energy granted to him by his former master Galactus. He travels the stars on his trusty surfboard with superhuman speed.
Carme Canela – Speak Low – YouTube
Lantern & flowers
Rosa Parks, the iconic civil rights activist who did so much more for the movement than give up her seat on a bus, was born 100 years ago today in Tuskegee, Alabama. There is a new book on her life, “The Rebellious Life of Mrs. Rosa Parks,” by histori
11/25/63: Air Force One flies over Arlington Cemetery, and dips its wing as JFK's body is carried to it's final resting place.
Momofuku Milk Bar's recipe for Bagel Bombs – with a center oozing with Jalapeno-Cheddar Cream Cheese and topped with a homemade "everything" bagel mix!
There was a blue inner glow illuminating her whole body and clothes. It tinged darker as it moved closer to her skin. The blue was almost white a luminescent neon color…
Shrimp and Zucchini with Bowties in Light Tomato Sauce | Skinnytaste: didn't make it with bow ties because I couldn't find any whole wheat ones…but it goes fine with any other pasta. Was pretty good. Easy enough.
ARART augmented reality app brings paintings to life… When overlaying ARART onto a well-known masterpiece, a new story will unfold, as if time trapped inside the painting has been stirred alive.  By overlaying the camera of a mobile device onto objects,
Gold candelabras with red flowers as centerpieces- red and gold wedding inspiration
This is Very Rare Led Zeppelin recording.  Please SHARE. The song turns into a standard blues progression similar to Killing Floor. This may be one of the best pieces of tape to ever come from the band's Fillmore West shows during their 1969 (summer o
Teaching kids HOW to tell about sexual abuse. To stop child sex abuse, we've GOT to start talking about it!
Electric Pink "Love" Roll-Cuff Capri Sweatpants – Juniors[0]=tags[1]=title[0]=handmade_reg=2=FL-f-0
Hash Browns | Julia Child loved this simple side dish, especially with roast chicken or Cornish hen.
Tabitha Simmons Rose Booties | VAUNTE
Jenette McCurdy
Paradise in the World – Marina Bay Sands Hotel – Singapore.
I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where…