Teresa Sherrard
What I added ...
Selena Gomez at channel :-) a fantastic picture
Rubin Borház by Kira Koroknai
Remind me to have a place like this in my future backyard to photograph newborns.
ribbon flower arrangement…beautiful!
This whimsical garden gate is by Andrew T. Crawford. The gardens will feature more of Crawford's gates through April; he'll guide a tour of them on April 17, 2012
maternity with sibling
Sanctuary by rashomike.deviantart.com on @deviantART. I think Lavi, the kid, and Quinn/whatever her name is stay here for a little while
The Branding Iron….. Merced, California
S/S 14 Paris men's catwalks: sports top shows
The Moldy Phantom.  Quartz with Celadonite
I lovethe lace and burlap pillow
Compost Bin- pinning next to my diy kitchen composter to remind me what I'm supposed to do with the compost from my kitchen!!
Yes, apparently this is a Thing in Japan. They inject saline solution into their foreheads (or other parts of their body) and can shape the lumps in all sorts of ways. The effect usually lasts for a day..
A video explaining what I use to get the blonde highlights in my hair. I have used the Blonde Brilliance kit twice now from Sally's Beauty Supply and have lo…
Crochet; can unravel at any moment.. #letsbefrank
Which would you choose? Comparison between 3D Fiber Lashes mascara by Younique and False Fiber Lashes by L'Oreal. Get 300x more volume with 3D Mascara! www.gloriousfacesbykayla.com
I love these women to death! I loved watching them with Nanny and now watching it today. It's always entertaining
Jotun Loki with sort of a “listen with your heart ♪ you will understand" look
The Art of Anton Pieck. I love the Dutch birthday calendars that we receive with his artwork.
Free Australia Day topper printables.