Bonnard, Pierre (French, 1867-1947) - The Conversation at Arcachon - 1926 (by *Huismus)
Two-handled vessel in the shape of a water skin, approx. 1200-800 BCE. Northern Iran; probably Amlash. Earthenware.
Nymphs in a Romantic, Garden - Salvador Dali  1921
The Softest and Squishiest Homemade Playdough | chef in training
10 additional sites that can promote making with an emphasis on some tech tools with @mjgormans
Free printable shape quiet book from Moms Have Questions Too - A great way for children to learn shapes! Just laminate and add velcro dots and binder rings for a great book to keep your child busy.
Flat Juliette  JOURNAL PAGE AND ANOTHER FLAT JULIETTE LOW AT THIS LINK  http://gsofct.org/pdf/membership/formLibrary/FlatJulietteProgram_12-2-10.pdf
Definately doing this with one of our frames after the wedding!!!!!    CHAR CAN YOU DRAW THIS!!!!??????  Your the first person I thought of ;-)
'Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind'
Rainbow tea set.  I'd have to have to start having tea parties if I get this!
I've been seeing owl hats lately. Too cute! This one is a bit different, but they are all different... I can't wait to make one! Some that I've seen have just the big circles for the eyes and then embroidered "closed" eyes. Others have
Sam Alfano, jewelry engraving
I love the concept of this building. The town's old church burned down. On that day in the year (May 29th) the sun rose at 52.2 degrees. In this design, the sanctuary is rotated at 52.2 degrees. So the chorus points exactly at sunrise on May 29th as a
No matter how fed up with #winter cold one might become--you can always find incredible beauty during this season. | Via Flickr, photo credit L.e.N.c.H.E.N.
Custom Collegiate Team Wreath  YOU CHOOSE TEAM  by MyThreeDarlings, $80.00
I like the earth tone metal and nature themes of the mission and Craftsman style. Bronze Mission Style Tree 9 1/2" High Outdoor Wall Light.
Dr. Seuss Baby Shower Gift Poem The day after the shower I came across the cutest gift idea using the Dr. Seuss book, Oh the Places You'll Go that I thought would go great with this theme. A father had taken the book and every year had his daughter&#3
I'm working on a necklace like this right now in light pink. Great bridal necklace
i like the one inside the car. just get a bunch of pillows for leaning on and blankets for laying on
Amazing felt kitty, and many additional animals on this site
Strawberry Pineapple Protein Smoothie - breakfast tomorrow morning!
The Best Yoga for Women  Practice these 10 yoga exercises at least three times a week for optimal overall health
Motorcycle. Bobber love.
Exercises to Keep Your Shoulders and Shoulder Blades Healthy - Part Two
Create an outdoor art haven by mounting a giant chalkboard against the fence. | 31 DIY Ways To Make Your Backyard Awesome This Summer
FREE Sweetie Pie Valentine's Tags on { lilluna.com } #valentines
Healthy whole wheat cranberry applesauce muffins for #Valentine's Day #breakfast.
Make with 2 jars. Glue batting or paper mache to make jars a bit rounded. Short baby food jar for top, I think. Put a Flameless tea candle in bottom and it will light up the entire body. Make hat from a jar lid.
"Seeking to create an advertising program that links Coca‑Cola with Christmas, artist Haddon Sundblom created his first illustration showing Santa Claus pausing for a Coke. For the next three decades, from 1931 to 1964, Sundblom paints images of San
chandelure- note: she may be a witch from Puella Magi Madoka Magica, but I
Low Iodine Diet aka LID – What can I eat? « Thyroid Cancer SURVIVOR – The Journey
From the Library of the Evil Orchid - 50 Watts
&al. / thisispaper
homemade enchilada sauce (1 of 1).jpg. I'd try it with vegetable broth though to make it vegetarian.
How to rethread your Serger's loopers without rethreading the needles! Tutorial by Make It Handmade as part of the Relationship Rescue: You and Your Serger.
lightupchances:    I take my job VERY seriously :) (Taken with instagram)
Cute Owls Behavior Clip Chart  Works great to draw attention to the on task students.  Also includes AR charts with reward tickets UPDATE: 2013-2014 calendar to record colors is included.
Piano cake. Love it! Especially the dripping candle...I've had that happen at a recital, and had to scrape the piano clean with credit cards!
Breakfast Recipe:  Savory Muffins with Prosciutto & Chives   Recipes from The Kitchn
Chile Rellenos-Style Chicken recipe