Chain Saw Protective Gloves  @Husqvarna USA
I'm pretty sure that the arbour is made of mulhenbecia (wire vine). Brilliant
WOW!  Raquel Welch looks like the quintessential starlet in this photo!  she looks great!!
5SOS in Rocksound Magazine...everyone looks so punk and then Luke looks like I hope my mum doesn't see this lol
Meryl Streep | Vogue (1979) WoW! (... yet her nose was considered too off for her to be considered a classic beauty!) Frm bd: Vintage Beauty [NOTE: this photo has been touched-up, even before the days of PHOTOSHOPPING. Also the angle of the pose and the l
Meeting austin mahone is on my bucket list               -Stephanie Gonzalez
Letter of the Week, Umbrella U
Band-Aid Cupcake Toppers or Snack by itself ~ minus the blood.  That just creeps me out.  Possibility for the story of the Good Samaritan?
Fix shiny skin in Lightroom  use the Highlight and/or White slider to recover and bring down the highlights.use the Hue to reduce the red and shift them to orange. for the Saturation, bring down the Majenta and Purple. use the Split Toning to bring in a s
2013 New Sexy Black Red Cap Sleeve Lace Pageant by Perfectdresses, $149.00
Live Off The Grid In Your Own Upcycled Shipping Container Home
A quick tip for a great fruit plate! | #BabyCenterBlog
Moscow | #illustration  by Sasha Naumov
Drinkable Things by Tuan Nini
Beautiful Houses: Hillcrest  Dress room
Great set of tutorials about beading on leather. I especially like the edge-trimming methods illustrated in a tutorial near the bottom of the page.
Ham, Caramelized Onion and Gruyere Quiche - a high protein meal that is so light and delicious.  These are a snap to make!  Step-by-step photo tutorial included.
NEED to organize my fabric so I can SEE it!  Maybe then I'd be more inspired to sew again...
lovely home details #living
This would make a cute end table for each room. I'm hoping to give each room a different theme, so I'd have to incorporate that somehow.~
Basic German Pronunciation Practice
Banyoles old town refurbishment  Banyoles, Girona  Josep Miàs + Partners | MiAS Architects
Learn Hebrew- Greetings
▶ Dr. Berg's Most Effective Remedies - YouTube
City haven - what charm!
The Meal Worm Life cycle (Must see ending)
Lonestar - I'm Already There (Soldiers Tribute)
'Get Well' off their new album Scripted. Belongs to Icon For Hire and Tooth & Nail Records.
Lynda Grey, Louise La Planche, Barbara Slater, Rebel Randall, Lorraine Miller, Aileen Haley, Happy Go Lucky, 1943
The Science Barge greenhouse, floating on the Hudson River, grows an abundance of fresh produce with no carbon emissions, no pesticides, & no runoff. All of the energy it needs is generated by solar panels, wind turbines, & biofuels while
The reason why should avoid finding a rich husband:  http://jetsetbabe.com/why-bother-being-a-trophy-wife
How to Replace A Refrigerator Door Gasket
This is perfect. Look how home-y this feels. One thing's for sure, when I get to have my own place, it'll be minimalist and no clutters will be found anywhere.
Argus Pheasant Feathers | Classic Salmon Fly Tying Materials | Fly Tying Feathers
Fill it up, plug it in, and come home to one of these cozy, comforting slow-cooker meals.
☆ ☼ ☾ ☯
mom silva? Black Pot Trio with Wrought Iron hooks on recycled wood board for unique wall decor, home decor, bedroom decor
Garden-Fresh Stir-Fry with Seitan - Seitan's toothsome texture and taste make it a perfect vegetarian stir-fry ingredient that even nonvegetarians will love. Make it a meal: Serve over rice noodles to soak up the rich sauce.
Aqua blue wallpaper. There are many other great aspects to this room... the string lights and the wooden doors to start.